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Reached Buffer limit

Hi there,We are using H510s at a customer site. I see following in the AP syslog:Dec 13 05:10:12 kern.warn kernel: [84170.752918] Reached buffer limitDec 13 05:10:12  kern.warn kernel: [84170.755246] Reached buffer limitDec 13 05:10:12  kern.warn ker...

Fixes in January 2020? r720 AP Unleashed Upload Speed Double Download Speed, Up & Down Speeds Half or Less when WPA2 or Hidden SSID Used

Access point is powered by a wall adaptor. Gigabit connection is coming in at 850m/850m as tested by a Thinkpad immediately before plugging the tested Cat6 into the r720.Using the Unleashed firmware 200.6 or 200.7:-250m/500m in speedflex using no pas...

connecting a VF2811 & VF2111

I am connecting a VF2811 to the router with a LAN cable and setting in another room the VF2111. My goal is to use the WLAN in this other room where otherwise I do not get any signal. Both Ruckus (2811 & 2111) see each other and get all lights in gree...