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802.11ax in industry 4.0

Hi all !Can anybody tell me about some Ruckus products?We build some manufacturing  4.0  with wireless network and now we search wireless vendors and choice between two big players)1)why Ruckus dont have a outdoor (industrial) AP with wifi 6 ? its te...

Amazon Echo Dot connection issue

I have an amazon Echo Dot that will not connect to our wifi.  We are running zd build 398 with R510 APs.  I'm not trying to connect to a guest/captive portal network, just a normal SSID.  I have no issue connecting to this same SSID with a p...


Hello,I am using P300 Ruckus Root and Non-Root bridges. I need to take the signal strength of the bridge in the Wonderware Intouch(SCADA). For that i need to know what's the datatype for the Signal Strength in the bridge. Is there any User Interface ...