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2.4Ghz Latency goes high suddenly

Hi all,I have an total ruckus environment ( ZD100 + Ruckus 610 APs) into 2 of my offices.On both offices, i have a problem on the 2.4ghz frequency where its latency goes high ( around 300ms on ruckus dashboard ) and people begin to complain about slo...

Lost Aps

Hi good day I have a problem in a WAC, I am losing AP ́S daily and I cannot send them to factory values ​​or by CLI or reset manually I do not reach them by any communication method that I can do to put them online

Ruckus R500 for home AP???

This is my first experience with any Ruckus product.  Without going into too much unnecessary detail, I will need wireless access to my home network soon and have acquired a R500 that will hopefully fit the bill.  It has the ZoneFlex Solo Access Poin...

Max client on Wlan

Hi everyone.I have a question about max number of client.i have a network of 10 AP (4x7982 - 5xR300 - 1xR500) all driven by a ZD1106.there are 3 WLAN running on the network I set 400 client limit on each WLAN in the advanced option of the WLAN config...