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Power problems

Hi, I have 6 unleashed R710s. I just upgraded to 200.8 because I am trying to solve slow speeds on the 2.4 ghz band. After upgrading, I now have an exclamation point remark next to each AP stating that its capabilities are reduced because it is not b...

R710 upgrade problem

Hi, I have 6 R710 APS on an unleashed network. I am on When trying to upgrade to  from the admin menu, i get to the rebuilding unleashed network screen and then it reboots back to I tried both online a...

Can't use MAP find the AP.

Hello to All,I'm newbie with ruckus and I am running on a ZD1200 with T300.The problem I faced was that my company had a total of 35 T300 installations in large areas without maps created in ZD.I need a way to find each AP. (My last comp...