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Deriving RSSI from Neighbor SNR Values

My process for tuning larger deployments involves assessing how loud neighbouring APs hear each other at.  Doing this with Ruckus is a little confusing for me due to the Neighbor report on each AP's page (in SZ 5.1.x) as only the SNR value is reporte...

Ruckus slow speeds on R510

I am having two Ruckus R510 access points.My internet service provider is offering 900 mbps speed but WiFi speeds are only 400 Mbps max. I tried changing channels from auto to Speicific ones and changed tired by changing DNS but none of them improves...

Simultaneous Zoom Meetings

R510s on ZD3025 running build 183.  This is a church that is trying to run up to 12 simultaneous Zoom meetings at once down a classroom hallway.  I have 4 R510s evenly spaced down the hallway.  2 APs are broadcasting a single SSID that only ...

Can’t access Instagram on Ruckus

All of a sudden, We cannot access Instagram or Reddit via Ruckus WiFi in our home. Details: - we use Zone Director 1200 and three APs. - Xfinity is our broadband provider. - cannot download anything on Instagram (says “Cannot connect to Internet...