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BUG (?) R550 won't join existing unleashed network if firmware version doesn't match

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I've now experienced this twice, and are currently struggling:

Existing Unleashed Network consisting of 3 R550 APs.

Brand new R550 AP. I've connected it to the network, status is UNKNOWN. App shows the AP is running an older firmware.

Expectation: New AP should upgrade firmware and be part of the network.

What's happening: New AP just keeps restarting, firmware not upgrading

How I've had to resolve it previously: 

  1. Take AP of Network and put it on another network
  2. Reset AP
  3. Create new Unleashed Network
  4. Upgrade firmware to latest version 
  5. Reset AP
  6. Put AP back on the original network (after deleting the AP)
  7. AP joins network

I'm sure this used to work with older versions of Ruckus (R510s) but no longer. Why? Am I missing a step, have Ruckus removed the feature where the AP automatically upgrades its firmware, or is this a known bug?



This worked for me!  Thank you!

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Hi Robert_Winther,

Ruckus Support would need to investigate this issue further. Please feel free to create a case, we will assist you on this further.



Hi Robert,

5002J00001RK2JJQA1 doesn't look like a correct case number.

Could you double check and confirm the support case number.

Case number will look like 0120XXXX (all numbers).

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New Contributor

So just purchased three new Ruckus 550s and unwittingly updated the firmware on first two prior to the third being installed. Had the exact same concern described in this thread above. I would like to add a note to help others… To avoid the conflicts described above, especially if you do not have a second network to connect to: Immediately after you remove the unknown/offline AP from your original WLAN setup in unleashed, physically disconnect power/POE from the original APs (recommend at the switch if POE) so they are not broadcasting. Then on the AP being added, perform the hard reset, create the new WLAN, update the firmware to match (for some reason you have to do it twice when using unleashed app?), then delete the new WLAN, then perform another hard reset, then disconnect power/POE from the AP being added. Now restore power to your original APs, power up the new one and it'll be found and added.  Hope this helps.