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BUG (?) R550 won't join existing unleashed network if firmware version doesn't match

New Contributor III

I've now experienced this twice, and are currently struggling:

Existing Unleashed Network consisting of 3 R550 APs.

Brand new R550 AP. I've connected it to the network, status is UNKNOWN. App shows the AP is running an older firmware.

Expectation: New AP should upgrade firmware and be part of the network.

What's happening: New AP just keeps restarting, firmware not upgrading

How I've had to resolve it previously: 

  1. Take AP of Network and put it on another network
  2. Reset AP
  3. Create new Unleashed Network
  4. Upgrade firmware to latest version 
  5. Reset AP
  6. Put AP back on the original network (after deleting the AP)
  7. AP joins network

I'm sure this used to work with older versions of Ruckus (R510s) but no longer. Why? Am I missing a step, have Ruckus removed the feature where the AP automatically upgrades its firmware, or is this a known bug?



New Contributor III

Had to do the same again: After upgrading the Firmware manually, the AP had no trouble joining the Unleashed Network.

Ruckus, please fix this bug or tell me what I'm doing wrong. Having to manually update the Firmware for an AP to be able to join an existing network shouldn't be necessary! 

Yes!  Just tried to connect a new AP to my network.  Nothing.  Upgrade AP.  Nada.  Setup a new network for fun to see if there is a setting, because I have found it hard to find any information, new AP starts stealing all the other APs and shutting the wireless down everywhere.  IT has been a cluster at the end of the day.

I have another AP to add and I do not want to go through this again.  ess than thrilled to try.


This has worked for me:

Make sure your existing Ruckus Network is updated to latest Firmware.

Setup a new Ruckus Network with the new AP (on a separate network!). Upgrade to newest Firmware.

Once all APs are running the latest (same) Firmware: Reset the newest AP. Then, and only then, connect to the same network as the existing Ruckus Network.

No guarantees, but has worked for me. Good luck!