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Fixes in January 2020? r720 AP Unleashed Upload Speed Double Download Speed, Up & Down Speeds Half or Less when WPA2 or Hidden SSID Used

New Contributor III

Access point is powered by a wall adaptor. Gigabit connection is coming in at 850m/850m as tested by a Thinkpad immediately before plugging the tested Cat6 into the r720.

Using the Unleashed firmware 200.6 or 200.7:
-250m/500m in speedflex using no password, visible SSID
-50m/100m in speedflex using no password, hidden SSID
-160m/480m in speedflex using WPA2, visible SSID

The best case scenario is not secure at all, and still has the issue of download speeds being severely limited. I should have a PoE injector from Ruckus soon to test and see if that makes a difference. Right now no QoS is enabled, 80mhz channel width on 5ghz with no overlap with other networks, the microwave is not running, and I'm in the same room as the router with clear line of sight.

The second ethernet port is used to connect other devices, but when I remove it the speeds are the same.

I've disabled 802.11g clients and made sure nobody else is on the network and the results seem to be the same.

On iPhones in particular (iPhone X and iPhone 11), the speeds are even worse than what I'm getting on a OnePlus 3T from 2017.

I'm going to try the oldest standalone software I can find when I can to see if it has issues. If anyone else has these same issues feel free to comment or post your workaround here.

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Hi Taylor,

    Can you open a ticket with our TAC for Unleashed speeds over R720 model AP? 
We have a previous thread about R710 models and the APs have different internals.

   I'm seeing/believing that encryption/authentication must play some factor too. Once we
have a ticket, ask the engineer to open a bug, even one for 200.6 and one for 200.7
which need to be viewed separately.  (many reported good results on 200.5 and earlier)

   Your available client types will be very helpful too. This appears to be mostly Apple client
but comparing apples, oranges, and bananas (over a wi-fi trace) can be very informative,
if you're able to recreate your tests when TAC help collect traces.

   Maybe just convert one R720 back to Standalone for further testing in the meanwhile?

   I do not know what client types, OS, versions our DE/QA used when qualifying the UNL
firmwares, and I've been "giving them an ear full", but Customer data of problems can be
our best way to get to the bottom of this important issue. Thanks.

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Thanks, I did open a ticket but since I'm not an enterprise customer that was a fruitless exercise. 

Let me know if there is a different place I should put a ticket in. 


Case Number: 01010391


PST-r720 AP Unleashed Upload Speed Double Download Speed, Up & Down Speeds Half or Less when WPA2 or Hidden SSID Used


Seems counterintuitive... Supporting me I can test things and have a spare router. If I were  over an enterprise scale network, I'd be quite reluctant to run experiments for Ruckus.

Thankfully I have a spare router and can resell this r720 if there isn't a fix soon. People love Ruckus stuff on Ebay, just disappointing that the r710 on ancient firmware outperforms this.

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Thanks for the case number, I can make comments.

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Taylor Wall, 

I found a 1 year post on the r720 related to the same encryption bug. No one noticed this post back then....Stephen the original poster opened a ticket a year ago..

Yeah it seems standalone 106.x was not affected according Stephen’s post.

Michael Brado,,

would it be possible if you can find the case number that Stephen opened a year ago?  Same issue encryption issue bug went unnoticed by your own tech support.