With simplicity and ease of use in mind, the RUCKUS ZoneDirector is purpose-built to address the gap between standalone, feature-deficient access points (APs) that must be individually managed and the costly, complex high-end enterprise systems that are overkill for most small business environments.
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AD authentication thru ZD problem

Hi, We have a problem with some AD users failed login to ZD but no problem login thru LAN directly to AD. I think our AD works fine since it can authenticate all registered users. AD users with failed login in ZD don't have particular pattern I mean ...

downgrade ZD1000

Hi Friends,I Would like to downgraded my zone director (ZD) 1000 from ZD1000 (MR4) Software Release to ZD1000 (MR2) Software Release show below error message ..I need help..please assist meThank Yo

Image_ images_messages_5f91c3e6135b77e2478d5b35_9425346d0a8a87e47e69f88b5904316d_RackMultipart20180810796671ihs-f993b91e-3e36-4016-8adb-640a8d5b968b-811041788.JPG1533891136

Van issue

Hi ,if I have 2 vlan one is for guest vlan 50 and other is for admin van 58 if I want only to pass 58 to ap lan port , khave hp sw so what would be the configuration ,the port connected to ap to s/w will be tag port ,

System up time is negative

I found out the my SZ104 system uptime is negative. I already setup the time zone. Also, the system uptime is keep from -60s to -1s in cycle.

Image_ images_messages_5f91c3e6135b77e2478d35f5_a63cc4203d62a9be09cd92f459388a9f_RackMultipart201808046614112cg-fe4ac66d-4664-4181-8905-47f9b597bef1-2045983876.png1533345030
alexs_sun by New Contributor
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All 2.4GHz (b/g/n) Channels gone to 1

I think I've discovered a bug in build 164.  All my "automatic" 2.4GHz radios are selecting Channel 1 when I have given them the choice of 1, 5, 9, 13.  I think it has only happened in the last build.  As a result of only choosing Channel 1,...

Image_ images_messages_5f91c3e5135b77e2478d1f91_0ecba70b18eafce35223047c3f35f0e3_RackMultipart20180731193791dy8-8e30c376-61cc-4197-8b13-71fcd4aabf9a-647584431.jpg1533079249

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