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Hotspot intercept ?

Hello, I am interested in how Hotspot works i.e .
I have a third party authentication server which presents a captive portal web gui requesting username and password. My hotspot service auto redirects to this URL upon a client connecting to the SSID.
Now the user enters their username and password in to this third party captive portal GUI.
My question is - does Zonedirector now intercept this username and password and forward them to the third party server as a RADIUS request ?
I am interested to know exactly how ZoneDirector intercepts the username and password ? - or does the third party send the username and password back to the ZoneDirector which in turn creates a radius request using them ?

Community Manager
Community Manager
Hi Philip,

Please find the overview of hotspot redirection with ZD.

Image_ images_messages_5f91c43c135b77e2479d5c66_ff6a65ea9a986a35c838a88f443b18d0_RackMultipart20181002964641jji-2ea2ef92-72fd-4b07-a5d1-e25f9cbb5686-1029038203.png1538461555

- Anusha

Hello, thank you. This chart says the Web Server sends the login page to the station, the station then responds to the login page back to the web server  then the user ID and password is posted to ZoneDirector.
My question is, how does the username and password get from the Web Server login page to the ZoneDirector ?

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That chart is outdated - ALL popular websites that a user might visit these days will not be using plain HTTP - they will all be HTTPS.  I'd love to see an updated overview that reflects the current reality of this process...