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Unauthorized status in Zone director

Having an issue where a WiFi users connect to the Ruckus AP R700 and its labeling them as Unauthorized status in Zone director ZD3050. Even though they are using the correct password, and I can see them pull an IP across our DHCP server. For some rea...

Ruckus setup with VLANs ZD1200

I just got a new Ruckus ZD1200 and some r610 APs. I am trying to set it up like thisport 1 has ip that is for management onlyport 2 is trunk for guest vlan and corp vlanI don't see anyway to do this. Is this not possible? I don't want ...

ruckus and microsoft autentication

Anybody know how to setup a wireless network with MS account i configured a new network with Microsoft login, in the page I create a new ID and secret, but don’t work properly, I need guidance for the processBest regards Marcel...