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How to get data with external API and ZoneDirector 3000?

New Contributor
My team are working on a project where we need to consume some data from this product with our API, so we wonder if is there a way that allow us to get its data.

Searching in the internet we have found the SmartCell Insight User guide which show a API. Is there something like that to ZoneDirector 3000? If no, how could us get data from it?

Couldn't find any clue in the docs.


RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Uriel,

Unfortunately there is no API interface for the Zone Director (and Unleashed) controllers.

Besides the integrated GUI and CLI interfaces for configuration and monitoring, both the ZD and ZD controlled AP's have SNMP interfaces which can be used for monitoring (get), configuration (set) and alarms (traps).  MIBs for each version are published on the Ruckus support site.

I hope this answers your question.

Thank you for choosing Ruckus Networks products - a Commscope company.

New Contributor
Thank you all!