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APs disconnected suddenly from ZD 5000

HiWe have ZD 5000 with the S/N:50:A7:33:24:D9:90, and the firmware: build 148. The device is on for about 16 days now, and it has 261 APs connected to it and working with no problem what so ever,until about 4 hours all the APs were disco...

ZD1200 upgrade failed

ZD1200 upgrade failed. We tryed to upgrade a ZD1200 from FW version to the latest 10.x version. without any luck. What we see is that the ZD shows the screen that the FW is uploading till it reaches 100% but after it reboots it still show...

Smart Redundancy ZD over VPN

Hi,I've setup my secondary ZD to failover. However, we have various sites all connected via VPN.The Access Points on the site that the failover ZD is in, has successfully switched over to the failover ZD.But the remaining AP's at other offices have n...

7025 Random Discconect from Server

I have 2 Controller ZD 3050 with version build 14 (I know this is old) Since Yesterday, our AP 7025 is randomly Disconnect (i cannot get the pattern) How is it possible although we not change setting on our ZD. please help