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What cause ZD Smart Redundancy Failover

What exacly cause ZD failover.. Recenly they swing each other 2018/12/03  07:57:27High [Smart Redundancy] Peer ZoneDirector[] connected, system is in active state. 2018/12/02  13:46:07High [Smart Redundancy] Peer ZoneDirector[] co...

FTP credentials transmitted unencrypted - ZD1200

Rapid7 vulnerability scanner detects the vulnerability, "FTP credentials transmitted unencrypted," when scanning the ZD1200.  I tried disabling FTP, but this caused all APs to immediately disconnect and fail to reconnect.  Enabling FTP again fixed th...

How to extend ZoneDirecktor ?

Hello My name is Roman.Interested in extending the support system Ruckus ZoneDirecktor   (WiFi system in the office and in production) for 5 years. How can this be organized?