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I want client traffic of Branch Office is not required to pass through data center.

New Contributor II

I want to build ZD 1200 and AP. ZD is in the data center and AP is in the Branch Office on the WAN.

Can clients traffic of Branch Office  go through Branch Office not required to pass through data center?

What should I do if it is possible?

Help Me. plz


Valued Contributor
Hi Dawoon,

I would recommend you utilise the Ruckus SmartZone controller platform for the deployment brief you have provided.

ZoneDirector is not optimised for branch-office deployments. If your branch office loses connectivity with the ZD located in the data-centre then the remote access points will stop operating. However with a SmartZone controller, the APs are site-survivable and in the instance they become disconnected from the controller, will continue to operate with full functionality.

Furthermore SmartZone has a 'split-tunnel' feature, which will provide the funcationality you require: Specific traffic can be routed to the data centre, whilst other traffic can be routed to the internet (for example) locally.  Please see here for further details:  Please note this feature is licensed separately.

I would recommend speaking to your local Ruckus partner for further guidance:

I hope the above helps.

Best regards,

Contributor III
Adding to what Darrel mentions, ZD can operate fully in "local breakout" mode where the traffic from the AP is directly put onto a different vlan (per user, per SSID, configurable) and doesnt need to go to the main datacenter, but the caveats about reachability to ZD remain. If the branch office loses connectivity to the main DC, the APs will not be able to authenticate the users.