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ZoneDirector Admin Password - Disconnects AP's?

Hello,I am trying to change the admin password on our ZoneDirectors (by using the Administer, Preferences menu).  The password changes successfully but when I log in to the new password, a number of AP's show a disconnected status and do not reconnec...

Help with ZD1125 firmware issues

I have an older setup with a ZD1125 controller with 16APs. It is currently using software build 38 however I am trying to update the firmware. The check server link will not work (the network is pretty locked down) so I have been trying to do...

Zone Director 1200 faulty CF

CF: Device open failCF: Device open failv54_bsp: Flash setup failedmount: cannot read /proc/mounts: No such file or directoryMount is writable. If the system is rebooting after a crash, rebooting may take a few minutes.Console is showing that the CF ...

gerry_hoon by New Contributor II
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Problems with login page for users with Apple devices

The normal way is, that our hotel guests connect their device with the wifi network and the browser opens automatically the login page. If not, users start browser manually, put in any website url, for example Google and than they can see the login p...

pixilla by New Contributor
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