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ZD 1100 add one more AP + license

New Contributor
 a customer has ZD1100 with 6 APs and 6 licenses all used up. they want to add one more AP and 1 license.  we provided 901-R310-WW02 and 909-1112-ZD00. it appears that this ZD 1100 license upgrade is expensive supporting 6-12 APs. is there a single license upgrade that is not too expensive or alternative BOM for my customer?

Valued Contributor
Hi Aster,

Zone Director 1100 license upgrades are only available in multi-AP batches:
6 to 12
6 to 25
6 to 50
12 to 25
12 to 50
25 to 50

If all your customer's APs are R310, you could migrate them from ZoneDirector to Ruckus Cloud.  AP licenses for Ruckus Cloud are available in single quantities.

I hope that helps.

New Contributor
thank you very much. this helps a lot Darrel.


Contributor III
If all The APs are R310 or another supported model, you can also migrate the end user to Unleashed which costs nothing. With the R310, you’re limited to a max of 25 APs, 512 users, and all APs must be on the same subnet. Unleashed will give you comparable ZD functionality including mesh, DPSK, captive portal, etc, and it gives you built-in high availability. Using the Unleashed mobile app you or the end user can remotely monitor and manage the network from anywhere.