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staff/guest vlan communication with servers on management vlan with zd1200 & R500

New Contributor
Hello everyone, we have a zd 1200 v10.1.1.0 with R500 ap's using vlans in our school. I would like staff to be able to use our MIS (SIMS) when on the staff vlan and also be able to print using Papercut - Mobility Print. The network is working fine with the vlans and clients get an ip with internet access but I can't get wifi clients to connect to any servers. I understand by default clients only have access to DNS/DHCP but where is the best place to allow communication to other servers for connection to our MIS and print server?

I have tried using guest access policy with guest access service and allowing access to the servers within restricted subnet access but to no avail. 

Any help would be appreciated, thanks. 

New Contributor II
Hi, this sounds like a lot more than a WiFi issue. There seem to be routing issues and vlan access issues


New Contributor
Thanks, i think you are right I just can't find what is stopping the communication.