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can zone director telnet back to core switch?

Having an network issue at client site, whereby the ap keep disconnecting. There're no any access to the client core switch but public IP enabled for ZD,just wondering whether can from ZD telnet back to core switch

ruckus wireless freezes some android phone

I have very interesting problem. I am using ZD1106 with the firmware build 15 with 4 piece 7982 AP. Some phones, for example, samsung j2 (happened today) freezes when the access point is within range. The phone screen freezes and phone need t...

ZD1100 jumps to web-address

I rebooted a used ZD1100, updated the FW locally (Refresh6) via Worked fine, no problems. But after connecting the unit in the network it first jumped to  and directly jumped to https://hol-wlan01.???.com ...

Slow to logon windows until 2-3 minutes Hi Ruckus

Hi Ruckus, our branch office is getting issue: slow to logon windows until 2-3 minutes just in ruckus wifi. We use ZN-1200 With AP R720 and R520. But at our branch office use ARUBA wifi there is no issue with the same device laptops. What can I do...