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Problems renewing certificate

We have 2 zonedirectors ZD302, one is being used as standy backup. We renewed our certificate and at first everything seemed fine. But when people login to our guest wifi and when they are being redirected to the portal website, they get the message ...

ZD1200 and T310D not interlocked

Hi, This occurred during the process of connecting T310D to ZD1200. After the AP is linked to the controller, it receives a firmware upgrade and reboots, and the AP state on the controller is disconnect. And the same symptoms repeat over and over ...

Resolved! Ruckus AP 320 not discover on ZD1200

Hi, I have an AP R320 with firmware version R320_114., I want to link it to a ZD1200 controller version build 55 but it does not detect it to approve it.In this controller I have 7 AP R610 and 2 AP R600 working.In the AP R320 I hav...