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Please !!!!

Hi everyone, please i need your help, I am a beginner in a computer responsable hotel, and my manager told me that we must set our RUCKUS WIRELESS to use the service Hotspot to give the possibility to customers to authenticate using the facebook acco...

Client isolation on vSZ

Hii configured client isolation on vSZ. Its working from Wifi client to wifi client. But i can reach hosts connected with ethernet cable in the same subnet.ok... so i tryed to place a L2 Access list, to allow only traffic to Gateway, dhcp and broadca...


Hi to AllGood day. One of our client is complaining that their apple devices can't connect to the SSID that the Ruckus is broadcasting but no problems with android user. Meanwhile, on other site which is also using Ruckus equipment, no problems at al...

ZD Simulator

Hi All, may I know if the ZD simulator is legit and can i download and installed it for free? When we upgrade our firmware, our support for the ZD show us a simulator of ZD3000, I really want to have that for testing purposes.. Can someone send me a ...