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i can't tag or override vlan

New Contributor III
i have link sys router ltr214 , i connect two link sys smart switch one in lan 1 with vlan1( , i untag vlan1 , tag vlan10 from the router and from the switch port  and one in lan2 with vlan10( , i untag plan 10 and tag vlan1 from the router and from the switch port  .
Image_ images_messages_5f91c3e4135b77e2478ce4db_458a5d44e376b901c6b80b099b0f512e_RackMultipart201606291274332fr-d36ba233-4337-425a-9a6a-172decd8480b-1805235169.png1467229272

my ZD is connected to the first switch vlan1 and i have 5 AP in both switches 

i add guest plan in the second switch which is connect to lan2 with Vlan 10 , and i get ip address from dhcp from vlan1 also if i change and untag vlan10 in guest plan Image_ images_messages_5f91c3e4135b77e2478ce4db_78aa99a8ba6e57e041e9140a8a318604_RackMultipart20160629509061cxm-6986b5a0-c384-4704-a4d4-318c7a9bdae5-148006256.png1467229375

Image_ images_messages_5f91c3e4135b77e2478ce4db_7f6356cc46e2d19f925beebc46f66262_RackMultipart20160629234941aor-e7e115ae-3f9e-4d07-84c2-5416b4ace0a8-1115279423.png1467229423

Image_ images_messages_5f91c3e4135b77e2478ce4db_2ba6e94003d8c46d3f4245d0c37b991d_RackMultipart2016062921830xh4x-3d34f23c-14a3-4961-9bdd-f901ebc8fecf-1955748340.png1467229452

Image_ images_messages_5f91c3e4135b77e2478ce4db_580a3410c0e74cfc67134e7e6de560f0_RackMultipart20160629307421dch-b6ee75b1-5701-44af-9b2c-73f435f187e3-1708037184.png1467229474

New Contributor
Is IP routing turned on? Do you have a dhcp helper set in the other VLANs? If yes'm and then no, then it may be routing to default (1) for dhcp

New Contributor III
Yes the router is the dhcp server for both vlan1 and vlan1 and i dhcp relay for wlan 1 to dhcp and for the guest i relay vlan10 to dhcp

You have "Enable Dynamic VLAN" ticked but is it setup to get the right vlan from your auth server?

New Contributor III
No it's not i have just router which is the dhcp server