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SmartRedundancy with multible Sites

Contributor III

i have one Main-Site and two Remote-Sites.
Right now, there is a ZD1205 on the Main-Site. Is it possible to use SmartRedudundancy with more than two Controllers. In my Case three Controllers (one on each Site)?

Is there a max. Response Time over VPN Connections if placing one Controller on a different Sites?
DHCP not able to provide Option 43 for Controller Discovery. Is DNS the best option for Controller Discovery in this case?

What things should i consider else for planning/implementing?

Kind Regards

Esteemed Contributor II
The Ruckus ZD Smart Redundancy feature supports just two ZoneDirectors.
Do your ZDs have enough AP licenses for all three sites' APs?
You could define SSIDs for use at each site, then define AP-Group for each site, servicing only the SSIDs for that site.
The Standby ZD would have the same/synchronized configuration, and would take over in event Active ZD goes offline.
If APs are configured with Limited ZD Discovery (Configure->Access Points->AP Policies), so they know both ZD IP addresses,
they will fail over in the event of ZD offline / change in Active/Standby state.

Smart Redundancy is based on Standby ZD sending heartbeats every 6s and Active sending replies.
If no reply is received after 15s, the Standby will make a decision if it is disconnected with its peer, and
change state to Active.  So you need less than 15s round trip on your VPN connections if ZDs are at
different sites.  It may be wise to locate them both at your main site.

Yes, DNS is a viable method of pointing new APs to your ZoneDirectors.  When doing so, both ZDs should have
separate records in the DNS server. 

Primary ZD: 
Secondary ZD: 

zonedirector1.domain.local -> 
zonedirector2.domain.local ->

A Management IP address / its DNS name cannot be used for AP's ZD discovery.

Contributor III
Hi Michael,

thanks for your reply.
Ok. So just two ZDs. Not a real Problem.

Actually there are 3 APs planned at the Main-Site and 1 on each Remote-Site.
So the build-in 5 APs License are sufficient right now.
What happen if i add AP Number 6? I read something about a License Pool in Case of using SmartRedundancy. Does this mean i have 10 AP Licenses (2x 5 AP Licenses)? This whould mean i only need a additional AP License if i will install my 11. AP, right?

Kind Regards

Esteemed Contributor II
Hi Marco,
    No, there's no AP License pool for smart redundant ZD pairs.  There's a deal when
you buy the ZoneDirectors, if you buy a second one at the same time for redundancy,
you receive a 50% discount.  Now that you have two ZD1205 controllers, you will need
to purchase additional licenses for both ZDs, such that they can manage your 10 APs
alone, should the other ZD be offline.

Contributor III
Hello Michael,

i read the User Guide for ZD 9.12.2.

AP License Pool:
There is definitly a "AP License Pool". See Page 69.
It seems to be true that i have to purchase a AP License for both ZD.
But if i connet two ZD (with 5 AP Licenses Pre-Installed) i should have 10 Licenses within my SmartRedundancy AP License Pool. So i should be able to install 10 APs. If one ZD fails i have 60 Days to recover before 5 of my AP Licenses leave the Pool.
Is this correct?

Smart Redundancy, DNS and Discovery:
Also on Page 69 (at the top) there is a Comment using "Limit ZD Discovery" or DHCP to serve both ZD IP Adresses. There is no Information about using DNS. You wrote i should create two DNS Entries "" and "" within my DNS-Server. User Guide is always talking about creating a DNS Entry calling "" (without 1 and 2 at the end of the Host-A Name). Did the AP look for serveral Entries (

In Fact i don't now what is the "Best Practice" in this Case. I dont really know i have to configure something or not. Maybe my AP is learning/getting his standby-ZD automatically if he is connected with my primary-ZD for the first time. Or do i have to provide both IPs? If Yes, i still don't now if it is "Best Practice" using DHCP, DNS or "Limit ZD Discovery"?

Maybe someone can clarify this a little bit more for me.

Kind Regards