With simplicity and ease of use in mind, the RUCKUS ZoneDirector is purpose-built to address the gap between standalone, feature-deficient access points (APs) that must be individually managed and the costly, complex high-end enterprise systems that are overkill for most small business environments.
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i can't tag or override vlan

i have link sys router ltr214 , i connect two link sys smart switch one in lan 1 with vlan1( , i untag vlan1 , tag vlan10 from the router and from the switch port  and one in lan2 with vlan10( , i untag plan 10 and tag vlan1 f...

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Upgrade ZD1100 to 9.7 Firmware

I would like to upgrade a ZD1100 currently on to the recommended firmware of upgrade path requires 9.6 or 9.7 to be installed first but these seem to have been removed from the downloads section.Can someone point me in the ...

TLS 1.0, RC4 with 128 bit encryption

I'm on build 15 for ZD3050. I was wondering if there is a way to upgrade the TLS on the ZD to 1.2 and disable RC4, as Chrome and other browsers complain. We are not on a support plan, so we have no access to the latest firmware. Any help will...

Hi, currently we are using ZD1150 which already end of life and were planning to buy new one which is ZD1205. Can ZD1150 & ZD1205 co exist?

Hi, we are currently using ZD1150 which already end of life and were planning to buy new one which is ZD1205 model. Can ZD1150 and ZD1205 co exist?If yes how can they collaborate and became one management control that manage the guest access?And also...


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