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Users Being Redirected To Guest Portal IP Not FQDN

New Contributor III
I have a ZD3000 Running build 232. When a user connects and the guestpass signin / registration page appears, they are being sent to the Zone Director's IP address rather than the FQDN I specified when installing my GlobalSign Wildcard Cert. Is there a way to force my zonedirector to serve up the URL instead of the IP?

Esteemed Contributor II
No, the internal redirect after hijacking your client browswer session URL reply, uses the ZD IP address.

New Contributor III
Is there a way, then, to not send it to an SSL page? I'm afraid our students are going to get the SSL browser warning and think they've done something wrong.

The SSL warning is because Ruckus is not an official CA.  You can install an official 3rd party CA certificate to prevent client warnings.

See Working with SSL Certificate section, starting on page 445 of the ZD 9.13 User Guide. 

I've had an official SSL certificate for a year now, and the guest access service set up to display the terms of use page.  Under firmware version 9.12.x.x the FQDN of the ZoneDirector was used, and there were no certificate errors displayed to the user.  After upgrading the firmware to 9.13, the IP address of the ZD is now being used when redirecting to the terms of use page. What changed and how do I get the ZD to once again use the FQDN?

Bob B.