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How do I get the ZoneDirector CA certificate ?

Hello, when connecting to ZoneDirector via web browser, I get the 'untrusted site' error. How do I download the ZoneDirector root CA certificate so I can install in my 'trusted root cert' folder to prevent these warnings ?I don't need to purchase a c...

Use older version of Wireshark (not 2+)

The current version of Wireshark is 2+.  It does not work with a ZD 3000 using build 22 helpful describing how to use wireshark but it does not mention which wireshark version to use.With...

ZD1200 Guest authorization not working

I have some wireless guest clients that are unable to get authorized on the ZD1200.  After attempting to connect to the guest network the redirect page appear, but the authorization on the ZD never happens.  The client shows in the list as unauthoriz...