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Swapping WAPS to a new ZoneDirector?

New Contributor
I have an older ZoneDirector with 4 WAPs under it's control. Now that we have expanded with newer model WAPs and the required newer ZoneDirector, I'm planning the transition from the old ZD to the new one. Is there documentation or a guide anywhere for the procedure to quickly move WAPS off the old ZD and onto the new one? 

If not, has anyone done this procedure and were there any stumbling blocks you didn't expect during the process?

New Contributor III
Hi Brandon, 

Since you have only 4 APS you can make them join the new ZD one by one. 

You can connect to each AP's CLI and do the following commands: 
set director ip IPNEWZD

The AP will try to join the new ZD. It needs Approval.
You will need to approve each of the AP on the new ZD and then delete them from the old ZD (webUI old ZD ->Configure-> Access Points-> Delete).

Try first with one AP: execute the commands on the AP's CLI. Check that the AP wants to join the new ZD. Approve it. Wait for it to change the firmware version and change its status to connected. 


New Contributor
Thanks Alex. Your steps worked perfectly.


Contributor II
I guess another route could be:

1: Enable Approve new AP's on the old ZD.
2: Remove the 4 AP's from the old ZD.*
3: Shut down the old ZD.

The AP's should start to look for a controller, and since the only one on the net is the new one, they should show up there and pend approval (if you enabled it).

* If 'delete AP ont eh ZD' tells the AP to stop using that ZD.