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Simple debug logs :
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So, where are the logs ?

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does this help?
From Zone Director help file

Generating a Debug File
  • CAUTION!   Do not start this procedure unless asked to do so by technical support staff.

If requested to generate and save a debug file, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Administer > Diagnostics.

  2. Select the items under Debug Components as directed by Ruckus technical support, or check the box next to Debug Components to select all. (If they are already selected, skip this step.)

  3. If you are instructed to save only log information for a specific AP or client, you can select the check box next to Debug log per AP’s or client’s mac address, then enter the MAC address in the adjacent field.

  4. Click Apply to save your settings.

  5. In the Save Debug Info section, click Save Debug Info.

  6. When the File Download dialog box appears, select Save File, and click OK.

  7. When the Save As dialog box appears, pick a convenient destination folder, type a name for the file, and click Save.

  8. When the Download Complete dialog box appears, click Close.

After the file is saved, you can email it to the technical support representative.

The debug (or diagnostics) file is encrypted and only Ruckus Wireless support representatives have the proper tools to decrypt this file.

where did this move to in 10.2?

Found it. New path (I guess obvious if you're not reading the post above):

Dashboard -> Troubleshooting (top level of the left menu!) -> Diagnostics (and there you'll see all the checkboxes)

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Hi Lois,

Click on save debug info to download ruckus**.dbg from ZD. This tab should be just above Debug logs filter.