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How can I disable a smart Roam?

New Contributor
I need to disable the smart-roam, how can I do it?

Esteemed Contributor II
Smart-roam is disabled by default, and can only be enabled and adjusted thru
ZD CLI configure WLAN mode. If testing smart-roam, Ruckus suggests trying
smart-roam value 3, and if needed up to 5.

Here is the syntax:

ruckus> enable
ruckus# config
ruckus(config)# wlan
The WLAN service 'wireless1' has been loaded. To save the WLAN service, type 'end' or exit'.

Enable SmartRoam:
ruckus(config-wlan)#smart-roam -- Enables SmartRoam with the previous roam factor.
ruckus(config-wlan)#smart-roam -- Enables SmartRoam with the specified roam
factor. (The factor value must be a number between 1 and 10)

Disable SmartRoam:
ruckus(config-wlan)#no smart-roam -- Disables SmartRoam.

The command was executed successfully. To save the changes, type 'end' or 'exit'.

ruckus(config-wlan)# end
The WLAN service 'wireless1' has been updated and saved.
Your changes have been saved

New Contributor II
This is still a very useful thread.  I find that Nest cameras also are rather "sticky" on SSIDs, and therefore needed to enable SmartRoam. 

Ruckus, you really need to allow the SmartRoam and BSS Minrate selections to be accessible via the browser UI.  Having to set this via Telnet is clunky and too time consuming, especially because you may have to revisit the settings and tweak them a few times to get the SmartRoam and BSS configuration values dialed in.