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Change Web UI Controller Port

New Contributor II
Is it posible to Change web port to manage ZD Controllers?

Valued Contributor II
Hello jorge,

At this time its not possible to Change web port to manage ZD Controllers.

btw why you want to change web port?

Thanks for your answer friend.

For policy-security reason, we
usually set different tcp port to communication equipments.


Hi jorge,

Changing the TCP port to do security by oscurity is not a recommended practice. What about deploying the ZD behind an application firewall or inside a DMZ and change the default password to something more robust, for example using 20 alpha numeric characters?

Hello Victor How are you?

Security is not one thing, is a set of compoments.
All our ZDs are in one of several DMZ's behind of our firewalls. Yes, our pass policy has 17-21 characters. ¿does someone could think to leave the default pass in an enterprice network...?