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RUCKUS offers a number of Best Practice Guides for all aspects of Wi-Fi system design, installation, configuration, management and maintenance.
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SZ100 SNMP Reboot AP?

Our company has several SZ100s with 100 - 200 APs running on each. I have found the OID to reboot APs in a ZD3050 with SNMP and it works. It is: snmpset -v 2c -c Community 192.168.x.x'AP#'  integer "1"           ...

Uninstable wifi connexion

Hi I have a network with 70 R300 and 13 R500 in a hotel with a SZ100 controllerconnexion in room are really unstable.Some devices have repeatydealy connexion and deconnexion issue (most are Iphone, IPAD, Mac book)Did you have any solution for me plea...

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