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Configuring active directory authentication zonedirector 1200

New Contributor II
Hi all, I am configuring a zonedirector 1200 controller to authenticate users thru active directory, when i log in it says authenticated and loops (goes) back to the login page? any solutions to this

New Contributor III

Morning Mandla.

I have this exact scenario and works fine.

What does your AAA settings look like ?

Correct IP of domain controller ?

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New Contributor II
@Shaun, Hi...My settings look similar to yours, and I can even successfully test the settings which confirms that the controller can connect to the AD, problems comes after I authenticate, it will say authenticated and then it goes to the same page for login (i.e. asks for the user name and password). But if I put the wrong credentials it will throws an error to say that the username or password is incorrect.

Image_ images_messages_5f91c43f135b77e2479e0ea6_5cb4cc78e2276807a3e445360164b7c0_RackMultipart20170615888101059-99b69976-2885-48eb-98e8-81f3f0b669e0-834257206.PNG1497511702

Is there perhaps a firewall in between the zone director and the DC ?? Seems like the authentication maybe being blocked somehow.

Nope, no firewall. Managed to get it to work, had to create Roles for the users and assign them using groups that the user belongs to in AD. Also had to specify the SSID that the user can access after authentication.