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RUCKUS offers a number of Best Practice Guides for all aspects of Wi-Fi system design, installation, configuration, management and maintenance.
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Two R510 questions

First one is a little easier; can I run PoE to the PoE port then daisy chain to a powered router/switch like a Netgear? (I can't test this test because I haven't purchased everything yet, but I limited in my cabling and would like to put the r510 in ...

What can cause certain models of cell phones to connect quickly to the internet through a r700 or r600 and others not?

I work in a college with approximately 10,000 students. During the semester we received some complaints that on the third floor of a block the internet was slow. I went to the building block, and with my Xiaomi Mi Lite 8 I noticed the problem: I was ...

Wireless support for Androids

We have a new setup Zone Director 1200 and  about 40 APs r510   We have a nurse call app (RCare) that communicates using the Ruckus Wifi, we have a dedicated Vlan and SSIDProblem is the Androids from the Vendor, Rcare is constantly dropping the conne...