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R510 - One SSID per interface (untagged)

New Contributor II

I own multiples R510 and a ZoneDirector 1200, and I'd need to use it as follows for a future use case : 1 SSID per interface. Litterally. I'd need 2 SSID on my R510, each one going out by a different interface (as there is 2 interfaces on the R510). I also need those 2 to be untagged.

Is that possible? If yes, how?

Thank you very much,


New Contributor III
Use a managed switch.

New Contributor II
That does not answer the question. This is actually an AP in a shared building, and the use case is to use this same AP for both networks. So one interface goes to their switch, and the other one comes to our switch. This is how we want to use it. If it's not possible, we'll find other solutions. But we'd like to know if this is possible or not to configure R510 as specified above.

Thanks 🙂

New Contributor III
Take a feed from your network to their network.

Using VLANs... The AP could serve both networks with each SSID segmented from the other. (Done this before.)

But as for the ports on the Ruckus... It's not that smart a switch.

My initial comment about a managed switch...
Take a feed from each network and feed that switch. Vlan it there.

Ok, alright. Thank you very much. The answer is then : It's not possible.

We'll find a way out! Actually we would evitate to use VLAN for this because we already use VLAN for something else. Kind of routing, but at level 2. Well that's weird, but it's something possible with Huawei Switches. It's fast and cheap, but then we cannot use VLANs for what they are meant to be used.

Thank you very much for your time and answer.