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RUCKUS offers a number of Best Practice Guides for all aspects of Wi-Fi system design, installation, configuration, management and maintenance.
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AP Latitude and Longitude

I have one question in case you can give me information. I need to get my WiFi Access points latitude & longitude for analysis purposes. The AP's are Cisco. Can I do it via any known WiFi tool like Ekahau or you know any workaround? Normally the AP's...

Captive portal

Hi guys, does anyone have experience with captive portal that redirects user to app download? We need to configure portal so it can detect OS of the device connecting to wifi and redirect it to app on the app store the devices use (App Store or Googl...

WLAN Authentication

*I want to create a wlan, *The users don’t need authentication, but I have to know the user’s personal information,  *when user is connect to wlan…is possible to configure or redirect the user to google forms?