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iOS Unleashed - not seeing network?

New Contributor

I went to go launch my Unleashed app after some time and keep getting the error "not connected to Unleashed network, go to Settings?" - this wasn't an issue before and not sure what tripped it.  Oddly, the settings have no local network configuration and when looking through for all apps that have asked for network access I don't see Unleashed on the list.  On another thread someone with an Android had to shut of Private DNS I think - I found the equivalent setting in iOS "Private Wi-Fi Address" but toggling it off did not solve this.  

The error pops up immediately after entering credentials almost as if it's "stuck" and not even checking anything.

Anyone have this issue/know of a solution!?


New Contributor

 Hi all - anyone have any thoughts on this?  Thank you in advance!

New Contributor

Have the same issue