RUCKUS Unleashed enables controller-less Wi-Fi architecture for small business environments with superior performance, lower costs and simplified management.
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SSID goes Off if internet down - Unleashed

Hello, If the unleashed master detects that the internet is down,  it disables all SSIDs.  (ive noticed this functionality across all Unleashed FW Versions , and over past several years of unleashed) (this function being forced ON is unique to ruck...

Log/data dictionary

Hi everyone, Our SIEM team is having trouble interpreting the logs that are sent from our Ruckus Unleashed APs. Does anyone know/have a data dictionary that explains the log format, fields and other information captured? Thanks!

Cant get into my R710 for Unleased Update

Hello All, So I have updated several R610 APs to the unleashed firmware. I'm not trying to do it with an R710 but Im unable to get into the UI on the r710. These updates are being done on  standalone units, directly connected by network cable to a P...

Realistic 5Ghz speed of 'one-hop' mesh unleashed R310

Hi,  My ISP has a max download of 300 Mbit.  The R310 Unleashed (5Ghz) has a max throughput of 867 Mbit. I have one location where a wired connection seems unrealistic.  What will be the realistic max speed to be achieved on the R310 unleashed, wh...


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