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R510 Wifi connection blocked on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10

I recently bought a Samsung Note 10 and I noticed wifi connection about every 24 hours will dropped wifi and my phone would say Connection Blocked. So I thought was my phone issue, so I exchanged another one and I have the same issue, about every 24 ...

howard_kuo by New Contributor II
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We need summary Ap list on Unleashed dashboard like SZ or ZD.

We want to see summary of AP status on unleashed like sz or ZD.Currently On Unleashed, we can't confirm status of APs having list about channel, Traffic and so on.See below. Unleahsed has just a simply list without details.I hope to make it asap.Do R...

Unleashed traffic flow and Management VLAN

Hi, I am deploying 25 x R510's and have been told that setting up an unleashed network is very easy!After a day I have a few questions. My setup is a school with two switches - one in each building - buildings are 15m apart so am hoping the mesh can ...