RUCKUS Unleashed enables controller-less Wi-Fi architecture for small business environments with superior performance, lower costs and simplified management.
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A problem of election new master after a entirely reboot of all

HI. I tested a failover and takeover of unleashed aps. However, it did not meet our expectations. In my lab, I deployed two ap; a H510 and a H320;, and configured static ip address on each. I did master setup to H510 and member setup to H320. On...

Hs_Choi by New Contributor
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Mixing R850 with R710's (Unleashed)

Can the wifi6 AP's be mixed with the R710 on the Unleashed platorm.  Trying to wrap my head around how that could work.  I'd hate to have to replace 7 AP's.

No support need help!!!!

I can’t get anyone from ruckus to return my calls. Put in a case. I can’t work. Does anyone know how to disconnect everything from the hub and set up individual modem and router. Just not use ruckus or the access points?

Connectivity issue with Laserjet MFP M283fdw

Hi All, same install I have been referring to lately with the r550 challenges. I have got it somewhat stable now and will try updated firmware as it becomes available (200.10 next). However, I have a new Laserjet connected to the r550 unleashed netwo...

Image_ images_messages_605a5a93f92de007bb145f1f_cf4fb9817639dec34f616a0e2156df63_wifiexchange-624579d0-525e-41da-98d4-765376ff5cc9-586213517.png

SSID goes Off if internet down - Unleashed

Hello, If the unleashed master detects that the internet is down,  it disables all SSIDs.  (ive noticed this functionality across all Unleashed FW Versions , and over past several years of unleashed) (this function being forced ON is unique to ruck...


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