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Unleashed with different AP series models

New Contributor

Hi all, just wondering can the Unleashed network is supported with the range of old and new AP models? Example: R310, R320 and R350 recognized with each other and manage under the same Unleashed network. Is it possible?

I understood it highly subject to firmware compatibility on each AP model that all the AP in the same Unleashed should loaded with the same version for this case and make it work together. Correct me if wrong. 



Hi @gkl83 

You can combine different AP models but within the supported models. As per your specific requirement we can't have R310, R320 and R350 in one setup because R310 is only supported till version 200.7 and is discontinued since 200.8 and above whereas the R350 is only supported from version 200.11 and above. Only below two scenario could be supported.

1) R310 and R320 can work in code 200.7

2) R320 and R350 can work on code 200.11 or 200.12

Anytime you want to check the version and its compatible AP model you can check the release note :

Best Regards