RUCKUS Unleashed enables controller-less Wi-Fi architecture for small business environments with superior performance, lower costs and simplified management.
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"last message repeated 4 times"

Hi guys, Just browsing through the logs and i have a massive amount of "Dec  2 06:35:12 UpstairsAP last message repeated 4 times" on the master AP. Is this a problem and if so, how do i deal with it? Cheers!

unleashed reboot every 24h

9 units from r510u in today last version - reboot everty day, only one time from 11-12am at this time bussines are a normal work any idea? switch anly log port down and up, log ap said application reboot ... thanks

AP phone home

i wanna flash on a few R310 and R610 from standalone (or sz or zd) to unleashed firmware but i still wanna make them phone home so i can still see them, how can i do this?

r310 wi-fi network reset

Hi to all, i'm new in this forum and product use... i have inherited a wifi network of 4 ap ruckus r310, unfortunately i cant access to any web interface of none of these.... how i can procede to reset and ricreate a network wireless? do i need to d...

avpd_output: 1027: Error in policy_type 0?

Running R610 with the latest version of Unleashed (, I'm seeing this error spamming my logs from all the APs: avpd_output: 1027: Error in policy_type 0 Anyone know how to get rid of it?