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Is this the expected R650 performance in residential setting?

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I'm replacing 3x Eero 6 Pros with 2x R650s with Unleashed. 2000 SqFt home, 3 stories, 1Gbps symmetrical ATT fiber. I'm trying to figure out if the WiFi performance I'm getting on 5GHz is within expected range, or sub-par. I followed the Blackwire Unleashed guide to the letter, but enabled 802.11r/k, enabled 'optimize for performance', and set roam factor to 2.  

Using my iPhone 14 Pro, about 10 feet away, line of clear sight, Both 2.4Ghz and 5GHz SSIDs register RSSI of -41 dBm using the Apple "AirPort utility" WiFi scanner. The Speedtest app gives me consistently about 550 down, 650 up on the 5GHz band. Both APs are connected to a QNAP 2.5Gbps PoE switch (QSW-M2116P), using PoE+ (30w) port setting, and each AP is pulling steady state 9W. This switch supports LLDP. Each AP is set to use 802.3at PoE. A Speedtest run from my hard wired Mac reaches 936/938 Mbps.

I also have a Netgear MS108EUP, which supports 2.5Gbps PoE+ and PoE++. The APs still pull a consistent 9w from that switch as well. I also got a TRENDnet 2.5Gbps PoE injector, and while it doesn't have any power out readout, the RSSI and speedtest results on my iPhone were basically the same. And just for grins, I got a Ruckus AC adapter, disabled PoE on the switch, and the RSSI and speedtest again at 10ft clear line of site was about the same. 

I saw others have issues with the R650s and being properly powered. Both Reddit and a couple of posts here residential users had issues getting full power out of the R650s. One had to use a Ruckus AC adapter, and one person on Reddit had to do a factory reset on his AP for it to fully power the antenna chains. 

I'm still not 1000% convinced my 5GHz speeds and RSSI readings are full AP power levels. But given the variety of power sources and basically same results...I guess everything is OK? I know performance varies a lot environment to environment, but others have reported much stronger RSSI and much faster Speedtest results. So that's why I'm still wondering. 

I pulled a Wireshark capture from my iPhone 14 Pro that was 10ft away, clear line of sight, to the R650:


Am I good to go, or is more investigation needed? 


RUCKUS Team Member

HI @Rucky860 ,

Thank you for sharing the detailed information about the network setup. Considering the wired Mac on the same VLAN as the WiFi client, the speed seems expected in AC and the wireless is half-duplex. However we need more info about the client and the AP to confirm the speed as the R650 and iPhone 14 is AX capable devices. Please help me with below information for further analysis.

From the AP:

Screenshot of the Client Detail from the AP UI--> Navigate to Clients --> Select the client from the list --> Show Details.

Screenshot of the AP Info from AP UI --> Navigate to Access Points--> Select the AP in which the client is connected --> AP.

Support log  --> Navigate to Access Points --> Select the AP in which the client is connected --> AP --> Download Logs --> Support Logs.

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Thanks for jumping in! Here's the screenshot. The support logs are 3.5MB and have some personally identifiable info in there that I'd be glad to share privately. 




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RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @Rucky860 
The client RSSI and SNR seems to be good, but the Channalization is set to 80 MHz. With the current stats you are getting the good stats.

You can try increasing the Channalization if you need more speed.