RUCKUS Unleashed enables controller-less Wi-Fi architecture for small business environments with superior performance, lower costs and simplified management.
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WIFI LANs drop with Internet?

Found this post about Ruckus Internet checks impacting the local WIFI networks.  Yet I don't fully understand what's up.https://community.ruckuswireless.com/t5/Unleashed/When-internet-goes-down-so-does-all-Ruckus-Unleashed-WAPs-How-do/m-p/30620/page/...

Unleashed setup and then move

If we create the Unleashed setup here at our office and then move all 4 AP's to a different location, will this work if the AP's are set to DHCP?  We would like to do the configuration and then the techs can just plug them in at the clients office.

Resolved! Ruckus Unleashed Syslog custom port

Ruckus Unleashed.  3x R710s.Anyway to configure a syslog custom port?Reviewed GUI + CLI after upgrading them to from very outdated firmware. Don't believe supported?  Yet - hopefully.Using graylog server with dedicated inputs / port...

Unleashed Bonjour Gateway Policy Rules

As of last night, I'm running the latest version of Unleashed ( on my two R610s, but I have been unable to solve this problem for many versions. I am running a separate WLAN/VLAN for my IoT devices (e.g. TVs, Printers, etc.) and am ...

avatar4d by New Contributor
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Camera clients keep disconnecting

Using a few R500 APs to provide wifi and having an issue with cameras disconnecting (Wyze V2 hacked with Dafang firmware). Cameras show as connected in Unleashed with excellent signal yet I cannot ping or otherwise access them. Selecting one and runn...

toasted by New Contributor
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