RUCKUS Unleashed enables controller-less Wi-Fi architecture for small business environments with superior performance, lower costs and simplified management.
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Resolved! Network and Access Point Basic Knowledge

Hello Ruckus Community, somehow I read a forum entry somewhere pointing out, that there's better hardware than Ubiquity Unify AP. So I went on and got myself a Ruckus H320 and a R510 installed, running with Unleashed firmware. Now, after a few ...

Some clients connecting to really far AP

Hello All i currently have 3 AP at my house, home is about 4500 sqft, i have a R710 upstairs, and a R710 (master) downstairs, I Also have an R510 on a garage. For some reason few of my wireless devices are connecting to the R510 when the ...

miguel_v by New Contributor
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SNMP v3 Upgrade Bug

Hello, If you have SNMPv3 enabled, after a firmware upgrade and reboot the device stops responding. It is easy to restore it, you just have to uncheck "Enable SNMPv3 Agent", save, then check "Enable SNMPv3 Agent", and save again. I was hoping some...

dan_b by New Contributor II
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UMM Roadmap

I am not seeing a version of UMM past 2.4 which was released in 2020. Is this product still under active development and is there a schedule for a newer release?


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