RUCKUS Unleashed enables controller-less Wi-Fi architecture for small business environments with superior performance, lower costs and simplified management.
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How to configure Ruckus R610 after LACP

Currently, the controller and AP web UIs do not expose LACP settings or configuration. If an AP is configured via AP CLI to bond its Ethernet ports, then any per-Ethernet port setting in the web UIs are ignored by the AP. So, how can configure Ruckus...

Find OID for SNMP reporting

Hi all! I have 2 ruckus unleashed R500 AP's running on the network. Since they support SNMP, i would like to monitor them via my home domotica system. That system needs the OID numbers (not the text in the like in the SNMP Reference guide, but the 1...

Tuned ap off with app now cannot connect

so i turned off the ap last night on the app.  this morning i tried to turn it back on and i get a popup on the app saying "you are not connnected to unleashed network.  got to settings."  when i search wifi points now, none of the ruckus wifi names ...

Resolved! Router Recommendation

Any recommendation for a gigabit router to connect R550 Aps? This is for basic home use. Essentially need gigabit speed, firewall, DHCP. I read a lot about Ubiquiti routers. Esp Edge Er-4. Any suggestions for a router appreciated.

david_m by New Contributor II
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