RUCKUS Unleashed enables controller-less Wi-Fi architecture for small business environments with superior performance, lower costs and simplified management.
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Resolved! Channelfly incompatible with apple products!?

Simple question I can't find answered anywhere. Is channelfly incompatible with apple products? I have 3 R710's running (previously it's always done this regardless of firmware. When channelfly is enabled on 5ghz when...

blaine by New Contributor
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Pulling an AP out of Unleashed to SmartZone

Hello, I have a total of 12 AP's managed currently by Unleashed. In theory, If I were to pull an AP out of Unleashed (via CLI) and point it to our SmartZone controller at a remote location - this shouldn't affect the other AP's in that managed env...

kristphr by New Contributor III
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Unleashed SSH Keys

Hi, Are SSH keys supported instead of password authentication in Ruckus Unleashed? Thanks, Sam Broken AD Login?

I recently upgrade to the lastest, once the AP rebooted I suddenly could no longer login. The login screen would take the username and password, turn it to starts, and then just sit there and flicker. I had to factory reset to get bac...

dan_b by New Contributor II
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2.4 GHz periodic device disconnects on Unleashed R710

Hello, here is a description of the issue I am having with R710 with Firmware, operating in full power 802.3at Certain devices at 2.4 GHz do not stay connected. Smart plugs, Kindles, Android-based picture frame. 5 GHz dev...


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