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vSZ Unsupported APs Upload Old Firmware for Zone

New Contributor


is it possible to upload an old AP Firmware to an Fresh Installed vSZ I would like to have some R700 in a sepprate Zone running with AP Firmware But I do not know how I am able to upload old AP Firmware.

I only find something to Change AP Firmware in the Zone. But there I only see the Firmware showing up.


Hi Chris,

Please raise a support ticket with Ruckus Wireless team and one of the TAC, will help you on this issue. We need to verify few more options on SZ to see why options are greyed out. They will help you on remote session.

You can contact us:

Saravanan Kotteeswaran
Sr. Technical Support Engineer
Ruckus Networks

Dear Christoph,

the zone needs to be generated with 3.6.2 or earlier. It looks like your ap zone was generated with 5.1.2. Try to generate a new one with 3.6.2 firmware.

A downgrade of ap firmware is only possible if the firmware was used once in zone and it is still usable with controller software. E.g. 6.1.1 you can use 3.6.2 firmware but 5.1.2 is not possible only 5.2.2.



Dear Christoph,

the zone it self needs to be created with 3.6.2 already, if you started with the Zone and firmware 5.1.2 you cannot go back. So try to create a new zone with 3.6.2 and do all settings and move the AP.