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Virtual Smart Zone High scale - physical interface for public ip

New Contributor II

We have deployed VSZ-HS (on windows server -Hyper V) however I require to assign one more separate physical interface to VSZ for which I can assign the public IP address to access the controller GUI from outside. Can you please advise to enable the interface? on the VM server, we have 3 more ethernet ports available on server.





RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @abhijit_gurav 
Defining the interface to controller to decide single or multiple interface can only be done at the initial deployment\setup stage. Once the controller is configured up and running, we cannot do changes on adding\removing the interfaces.

If you just want to assign the public IP to access the controller from outside, you can do it with the existing setup itself.

You can add it under System >> Cluster >> Select the Controller >> Click on Configure >> Physical Interfaces >> Add the public IP under "Control NAT IP".
Note : Make sure that this Public IP is natted to the controller private IP on the Firewall as well.

RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Abhijit_gurav,


In order to access the controller using public ip address you can just add the public ip address on controller nat ip.

Click on SYSTEM >> CLUSTER >> select the node >>click on configure >> Physical Interface >> Assign the public ip address under controller NAT IP.




Sunil Acharya


Dear Abhijit, 

please also habe a look at that "Access & Core separtion" button. By default that is off so all interface use one default gw. if it is enabled each interface has and uses its own default gateway. It could make things easier for you if you have separate firewalls for MGMT and ACCESS/DMZ.