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vSZ 6.1.1 migration stuck

New Contributor III

Hi to all, trying to migrate from old ZD to vSZ noticed that if for any reason the controller restarts or the AP fails to complete the migration then this stage stucks for ever. Every time i try to restart the process i get the error that another migration is in progress which never ends... Is there any way to stop this procedure/service and start over? Restarting the both controllers and APs does nothing... it is always there... Factory defaults on ZD or AP doesn't change also anything... Only factory set on the sVZ but this is pain... I wish i could stop migration which is stuck.



RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @gsfakian,

Looks like the process responsible for migration is locked in SZ, we have to unlock it in order for re-initiate AP migration.

Would suggest you to open a case with us as we need access to the controller. 

Please find the below article which explain on how to contact Ruckus Support and create the ticket.



Vasanth Edward

Thank you, meanwhile i did another "set-factory" and start over. If it hangs again i will open a case. 

@gsfakian keep us posted on the progress.