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vSZ-E System Capacity

New Contributor II

Hello everyone!

I just recently started getting set up with my new Virtual SmartZone controller. I have the controller itself licensed (but I haven't applied my AP licenses yet). I'm looking under the "System Info" page, and found the total capacity listed for the cluster (1 node currently) is 100 APs.

I was reading through the data sheet for the Virtual SmartZone, and it listed 1,024 managed APs per controller. Will this change once I apply my AP license (133 count)? I would rather not go much further with setup if I need to switch to vSZ-H...

Thanks for all the help!


Contributor III

vSZ capacity is a function of VM resources.  You apparently assigned VM resources for 1-100 APs and that's why you see max capacity of 100.  You need the next step up in the recommended resources table, 101-500 APs.

If your AP count is going to be a hundred or two (or even several hundred), I would stick with Essentials.  Either version will work fine, but High Scale adds a layer of complexity that you'll never need or use.   

I must have missed that when going through the setup guide. Thanks so much!


Hi Quinn,

The system capacity would show how many max AP's and switches you can handle without falling into an performance issue on your existing vSZ in accordance to the system resource allocated (RAM,CPU and HD size). Based on max 100 AP's capacity that you have you are currently on level 1 of resource, as you increase the resources (CPU,RAM,HD) the system capacity would increase (this should be according to the recommended resource type per level). You can validate the resource level and supported device count by looking into upgrade guide following below link.

Best Regards


I seemed to have missed this part when I was going through the setup guide. Thanks for your reply, and the link!