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What role gets applied when a user connects? question/feature-request

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I seem to remember in our Zone Director, when someone would authenticate via 802.1x, the event log would indicate what role was being applied. I'm just wondering if I don't have a logging option enabled or am going about it wrong looking for a similar function in SmartZone? If this doesn't exist, can this logging feature be added? Currently, the wlan log will look like __username__ joined __wlan-name__ on __ap-name__ and not give any other information. It would be great if the log showed what user role was applied, here. Additionally, and completely unrelated, when a user roams to a different AP, the log only shows the MAC of the AP; it would be much faster to see the AP name either in the log or as an html title attribute.


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Community Admin

Hello @garrett_collier,

Thank you for the suggestions.

We will share the feedback to respective product team.

For the AP roaming, MAC address is used as it is the only unique identifier than AP serial number. In case of a admin changes the AP name, it may difficult for a admin to track the past logs as name may mismatch.

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That makes sense, however, in the very same log entry it says AP [AP-Name@MAC Address] detected client [client name] in WLAN [wlan name] roam from AP [MAC Address]. -Is there not a way to include the AP Name @ Mac Address literally the same way it shows the roaming to AP? Not trying to be argumentative but that would be incredibly helpful!!